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Transforming Businesses Processes, Sustaining Growth

Hello and welcome to Optimum Computer Systems, LTD, where we believe in business transformation anchored on excellence..

Our Vision

A world class provider of Software Solutions that are client-centric

Our Goal

To deliver tailored Software solutions to our clients so they can optimize returns on investments.

Our Mission

To provide innovative Software solutions that enhance service delivery through a blend of end user experience, state of the art technology and focused associates.

Statement of Experience

We have more than five years’ project management experience in ERP Systems implementation with a successful track record.

We Have More Than 10+ Years Practical Experience, serving more than 50 Clients

We use a blend of expertise, technology, and strategy to help our clients solve their toughest challenges. Our primary focus is to help our customers accomplish their missions in a timely and cost-effective way. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with many organizations across the country, including; Academic Institutions, Financial Institutions, and Distributors and Retailers



ERP System for Colleges/ Universities
ERP System for SACCOs
ERP System Micro-Finance Institutions
ERP System for Building Societies
ERP System Suitable Distributors/ Retailers
ERP System for Manufacturers
ERP System for Construction Firms
ERP System for Secondary Schools


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About Optimum Computer Systems

Optimum Computer Systems Ltd is a Kenyan-based Software Company that provides solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity. Our solutions result from intensified exploratory interactions with customers from diverse business practices and observations of what slows down the effective and efficient delivery of services. As a result, our software innovations are geared towards improving service delivery through tested and proven cost-effective solutions.